I Learned All I Needed to Know About Cheesecake From the Sopranos

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was absolutely obsessed with watching The Sopranos.  It brought me through the final 6 weeks of pregnancy on bed rest and through those seemingly endless nights of breastfeeding.  So, its no surprise that by the end of my marathon viewings, that I wanted to be able to cook all of the food that I saw Carmela cooking.  So, I picked up Entertaining with the Sopranos to see if the recipes were anything like what I saw on the show.  To my surprise, they were!

The first recipe that I tried that hooked me (and became my husband’s favorite recipe) was Carmela’s New Jersey Cheesecake.  From the handmade graham cracker crust to the fresh lemon zest added to the mix, the cheesecake that resulted from this recipe was UNBELIEVABLY HEAVENLY.  Amazingly enough,  I was able to make it without a mixer and in fact was able to make the cheesecake a better texture due to hand mixing everything. Now, not only is my cheesecake my husband’s favorite, it’s also a favorite requested dessert to many family functions.

Second to none!

Available for Kindle and Hardcover


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