OPAL Mom™ Newsletter to Launch

OPAL Mom LOGOI want to thank all of my friends and family for the feedback in these past two weeks since the launch of OPAL Mom™!  With all your feedback, I’ve learned more about what it is that other mother’s need and want and have gained new perspectives.  With your help, I’ve decided to launch an official newsletter for OPAL Mom™ that will include all that you’ve requested.

The FREE OPAL Mom™ weekly newsletter will feature:

  • Weekly grocery coupons from SavingStar – Visit SavingStar
  • Special offers on a variety of products:


To sign up to receive this newsletter, simply visit: http://www.opalmom.com and join for FREE as a member of the OPAL Mom™ Community.  Once your application is received, you will begin to receive your weekly newsletter the week following your application.

The First Official OPAL Mom™ Newsletter will launch MONDAY, JUNE 16th, 2014!!!

Be sure to sign up to receive your newsletter beginning next week!




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