Today’s Happy #Mom Moment: Watching My Daughter Twirl

Today, my happy moment was while I was teaching my mommy and me dance class for 18-36 month old children.  My daughter attends all the classes that I teach, and today, she wore a brand new tutu which she actually loved.  When class was about to begin, she followed me to the stereo where she happily hugged my leg while I put in the CD for class.  When I turned around, she excitedly ran to her spot, plopped down and began doing butterflies and her “side to side” butterfly move, singing the song that goes along with it.  I loved this.


When stretches were finished, it was time to stand up and dance in circle time.  As part of this dance, there is marching, scooting and twirling involved.  My happy moment was turning around to find her twirling in her new tutu, the way every girl dreams of in a class just for baby ballerinas.

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