Why Being Pregnant is Beautiful…Especially in a Bikini

Prior to having children, I was always one of those women who flipped through the Victoria’s Secret catalog for hours, vying for the cute little bikinis inside for the upcoming beach seasons.  I of course would always end up ordering two or three suits, only to hem and haw over whether or not to wear this bikini or that bikini because it either made my butt look big or my belly roll showed too much BLAH BLAH BLAH.  And this was pre-children, pre-stretch mark, pre-leather-belly-that-if-I-sneeze-I’ll-pee-my-pants-status.  Where was the confidence??



In my first pregnancy, I was due in September, just as I am now in my third.  (I was luckily exempt from this whole beach scenario with my second pregnancy as she was due in April and I could hide in layers.)  AND the first time around, I did buy a bikini…but I bought one of those maternity suits that actually do make your ass look huge and your boobs look more swollen and really do nothing flattering for the baby bump except keep you cool when your AC goes out in the heat of summer. So what’s a preggo to do?


uhhh…no beach ball crotch for me.  Thanks.

Well…I decided to do an experiment.  Considering that I’ve the rest of the summer to endure, I decided to bite the bullet and shop for a flirty, fun bikini…from VICTORIA’S SECRET.  My measurements couldn’t be that difficult to take considering I’d be exposing my baby bump, so how hard could it be to find my size?  As I shopped for the perfect, cute bikini, I remembered that my best girlfriend had rocked her bump with pride in a lovely bikini during her pregnancy and she was a vision of all that is beautiful about being pregnant.  So I said, if she could do it, then so could I.  This is a picture of her days before her son arrived.



Well, today, my bikini from Victoria’s Secret arrived and I decided to try it on for size.  What I can say, is that I’ve never felt more feminine or beautiful as a pregnant woman as I did trying that suit on today.  I was SHOCKED to say the least, but nevertheless, very happy.  I want to thank my friend for inspiring me to venture out of my fitness-driven comfort zone of six pack abs and chiseled legs so that I can appreciate what it means to be a pregnant woman who rocks a bikini.


Perhaps I’ll even pose for my own beach photoshoot like she did, so that I can have photos to show my daughter that you don’t need to be skinny, muscular, or lean to be a beautiful woman.  And while I AM exercising and eating mindfully throughout this pregnancy, I’ve come to yet another understanding about being comfortable in my own skin.  I’ve come to understand that like all things in life, I just need to embrace what I have.

Rock those tiger stripes ladies!  You earned them!



2 thoughts on “Why Being Pregnant is Beautiful…Especially in a Bikini

  1. Awesome article, really great that you were embracing your body in “transformation” – It gives me encouragement, I’m expecting my first baby in May and this is very inspiring 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Thank you for posting! Truly inspirational, I’m expecitng my first baby for May and your words and appreciation for a beautiful, feminine female pregnant body really encourages me and makes me feel better about the baby bump I’m going to grow in the next few months! 😉 Love, Eni

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