ADHD: One Mother’s Experience with Her Child

With stories circulating of children all around the US being prescribed as and suffering from ADHD, there are a lot of questions floating around about what is the right thing to do as a parent. Do you medicate?  Do you not medicate?  Should I have known sooner? How could I have known?  The list of questions can be overwhelming for even the most logical and level-headed parent. According to the CDC (2012)

  • More than 5 million children aged 3–17 had ADHD (10%). Boys (14%) were almost three times as likely as girls (5%) to have ADHD. 

Mother and Child Reunion

One mom from the OPAL Mom community wanted to share her experience as the thought of her child being ADHD hadn’t occurred to her as even a remote possibility.

“I wanted to take a moment and share an experience that I had with my oldest daughter.  Currently she is in first grade and excelling academically.  That hasn’t always been the case.  She had an extremely difficult kindergarten year with continues negative reports of not listening, not doing work, and overall disruptive behavior.  We even had referrals to the office and a threat of not being able to attend the year end field trip to the zoo.  I was so thankful when the school year was over and a new teacher was to be had in the fall.  Unfortunately, it was only a few days into the new school year and the negative reports started to pour into the planner sometimes covering the page.  I finally was able to have a sit down with the principal, her teacher, school counselor and school psychologist. That is when I point blank asked her teacher if she was ADHD and of course the response I got was I am not a doctor so I can’t say.  By now it is Feb/March, I contacted my pediatrician who then sent the paperwork for the Vanderbilt study.  When all the paperwork was turned it it glared ADHD from the school, but only borderline at home.  It was hard for me to believe that my child was ADHD and at the same time, excelling in ballet class.  We made the decision with the guidance from the pediatrician to medicate.  The first day on it, she got her first good report.  It was a night and day difference.  Even when it came to the weekend we noticed that it was needed.  I knew I made the right decision when she asked for it on Sunday morning.  It has been nearly 60 days and things are tremendously better and gets better every day.  The arguing and negativity has nearly disappeared.  I wish I would have found out sooner.”


Do you have an experience with a child with ADHD?  Would you like to offer your experience?


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