My 17 month old daughter counts her piggies in glitter

For the last week, my 17 mth old daughter has been asking about the nail polish on my toes. So, this morning I decided to try something. I decided to buy Sally Hansen Polish strips in pink glitter this morning and attempt to give my daughter her first pedicure. I showed the package to my daughter and she instantly hopped on a chair and took off her socks pointing at her toe nails. She kicked and giggled with glee as I applied the first strips to her precious piggies. We sang together as she “ooh’d” and “ahh’d” after each application. I think I even heard a WOW!!! After one foot was finished, she was impressed and caressed my hair lovingly.

However, in true 17 month old fashion, she wanted to be finished. After some kicking and fussing, and some more singing (I think it was the song from Sharon, Lois and Bram that did the trick) we somehow compromised and finished the second foot.






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