Trying to Stay Fit While Pregnant? Get Creative at the Park!

Summer has come to a close, but staying fit in these last weeks of warmth can still be an option…especially if you are at the park with your little ones!  Pregnant?  Even better!  Get creative!

Fitness Tip: If you have children that are not in school that will go to the park with you, use the opportunity in between sets to get in a little cardio and chase them around. They will love it you will burn some extra calories!

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My First Go As a Mommy Blogger Has Me Hooked

A few months ago, I decided that I would take on the new world of mommy blogging.  I experimented with writing daily, weekly, biweekly and even a newsletter.  I’ve had such a great time that I have decided to continue with this new venture into my life as a mother of 3 as I’m due September 22nd.  Taking this new step into the world of mommy blogging has allowed me to reflect on the importance of my experience as a mother, which includes my daily life raising my children and additionally, my work.  I never realized that my daily schedule included required me to be resourceful with my time, my energy, as well as my income.  I came to realize through writing that these strategies that I use on a daily basis are not only applicable to me as a working/stay-at-home mother, but also to other mothers who stay at home, work part time, or are expecting first, second and third babies.  Heck, these strategies are even applicable to the stay-at-home or working dad!


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FitMOM Workout: Playground Mommy Workout

This morning, I took my children out for our routine morning walk to the park.  During our extended stay on the cape, I will make this a morning ritual as my kids wake well before the rest of the world regardless of the day and need to be run like puppies.  So far, this has been working well for all of us as it’s given me an opportunity to workout while they play without worry of them running off.  This morning, I needed to get in a quick upper body workout before seeing clients for the day so I decided to trade off the following three exercises with pushing my daughter in the swing and running after my son.  No need for any special equipment.  Just use what the playground has to provide and get creative!

Here is what I call my Playground Mommy Workout:

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Think You Can’t Lift Weights When You’re Pregnant? Think Again…and WATCH.

At 7 months pregnant, I am still able to do a total body workout from start to finish.  As a prenatal exercise specialist, I of course take the necessary precautions and have been cleared for regular exercise by my obstetrician.  This morning, I completed the following TOTAL BODY STRENGTH TRAINING workout and followed it up with 20 minutes of cardio pushing my daughter in her stroller to brunch with my family.  So long as you have  history of regular exercise (and are cleared with a physician), there is no reason as to why you cannot continue to workout as you always have.

Your body will thank you for it, as will your baby!!


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Fit Mom Workout: Ultimate Butt (Intermediate/Advanced Workout) by Fawn Heart Cronin, NASM CPT

This workout is designed with the function the the Lumbo Pelvic Hip Complex in mind – or in other words, the BUTT area.  The idea is to work this hip complex in multi planes.  This is not only good for the function of the LPHC, but is the best way to work the glutes!

single leg squat touchdown

Here is an summary of the workout:

Ultimate Butt Workout Summary

Download the Full Version of this Workout (with photo and full instruction): Ultimate Butt Workout

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Want to Work on Your Butt? Try This Workout:

The Mini-band Butt Workout

This workout is simple but it is not easy.  It is designed to activate muscles that you didn’t know existed and to help shape your body from the inside out.  All you will need is a set of mini bands and a workout mat.  Perform each exercise for 3-4 sets of 12-15 repetitions.



Preparation :
Lying on your side with a mini band placed around the knees, position your body so that your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle and 45 degrees from the hip.

Movement :
Stabilizing the ankles and keeping the feet together, lift the top knee away from the bottom knee working against the resistance of the band. Return the top knee to the bottom knee to repeat the repetitions to finish the set.



Band Walks

IMG_0643 IMG_0644

Preparation :
Place a mini band around either your knees or your ankles.

Movement :
If around the ankles, stand upright with the feet hip width apart, and if around the knees, position the body in a proper squat position. Keep the shoulders square, core engaged, and glutes squeezed. Step laterally with one foot with the feet aligned just outside the hips. Step in with the other foot to align the feet with the hips again. Continue walking in the same direction until repetitions are complete. Repeat in the opposite direction to finish the set.



Bridge with Mini Band


Preparation :

  • Comfortably place tubing around your upper thigh as depicted.
  • Lie flat on your back with your knees bent, feet straight ahead and arms to your side.



Lateral Lunge to Balance


Preparation :

  • Begin with both feet shoulder-width apart and hands on hips
  • Movement :
    • Lunge to the side landing on the entire foot, coming to a stabilized position, with mobile foot pointing at a slight angle (to allow for the slight external rotation that must occur when abduction occurs at the hip), and the knee directly over 2nd and 3rd toe.
    • The lunge knee should be bent 90° while the stationary leg is straight.
    • From this position drive off of front foot (heel first) onto back leg.
    • Stand directly up into a balance position with balance leg straight and opposite leg flexed 90° at the hip and knee with foot dorsiflexed.
    • Note: This can be done in all three planes of motion: frontal, sagittal and transverse.
    • Progression: On airex pad or other unstable surface.

Movement :

  • Brace the spine by drawing your abdomen inward.
  • Squeeze glutes and raise pelvis vertically from floor.
  • Maintain glute activity throughout the entire exercise.
  • It is important not to let your back arch at any time during the movement.
  • Use a slow tempo (2 second concentric /2 second isometric /4 second eccentric) while abducting and adducting the hips against the band.
  • Do not allow knees to “jut” forward.
  • To increase glute activity, lift toes up.
  • Maintain a level pelvis throughout the entire exercise.


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