8 Week Weight Loss Challenge Day #1 – Meals

First thing in my stomach upon waking


Meal #1

1 cup egg whites with mixed bell peppers topped with hot salsa.  1 liter water.


Meal #2

4 oz. chicken with 1 cup green peas


Meal #3

Raw Lara Bar with a bowl full of raw vegetables


Meal #4

4 oz. Chicken Breast with Raw Vegetable Salad


Meal #5

4 oz. Chicken Breast served on top of a greek salad without feta



Breakfast Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar
Natalia Rose – Freshly Juiced Green Lemonade, 1 cup 186 45 1 7 103 22
Trader Joe’s – Cage-Free 100% Liquid Egg Whites, 0.5 container (30 tbsp ea.) 125 0 0 25 375 0
Trader Joe’s – Melange A Trois – Red, Yellow & Green Bell Pepper Strips, 1 c (85g) 60 12 0 0 30 6
Total 371 57 1 32 508 28
Lara Bar – Apple Pie, 1 Bar (45 g) 190 24 10 4 5 18
Trader Joe’s – Persian Cucumber, 2 cucumber 32 7 0 1 0 3
Trader Joe’s – Organic Whole Carrots, 234 g (7″ long, 1.25″ diameter) 90 21 0 3 180 15
312 52 10 8 185 36
Chicken Breast 99% Fat Free – Boneless//Skinless, 6 oz 165 0 5 33 135 0
Fresh Produce – Romaine Lettace Head/Heart, 0.25 head/heart 14 3 0 1 13 2
Krinos – Kalamata Olives, 7 olives (15g) 63 3 6 0 322 0
Cucumber, Persian – Fresh – Net Carbs, 1 cucumber [3oz] 8 2 0 0 0 0
Total 250 8 11 34 470 2
Chicken – Chicken Breast , 4 oz 110 1 1 37 100 1
Chicken – Chicken Breast , 4 oz 110 1 1 37 100 1
Fresh Produce – Romaine Lettace Head/Heart, 0.5 head/heart 27 6 0 2 25 4
Trader Joe’s – Organic Whole Carrots, 14 ” long 1-1/4″ diam (8g) 60 14 0 2 120 10
Trader Joe’s – Persian Cucumber, 1 cucumber 16 4 0 1 0 2
Peas – Green, cooked, boiled, drained, without salt, 1 cup 134 25 0 9 5 9
Total 457 51 2 88 350 27
Totals 1,390 168 24 162 1,513 93
Your Daily Goal 1,523 114 51 152 2,300 57
Remaining 133 -54 27 -10 787 -36
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Sodium Sugar

Starstruck Fruit Salad

This morning I needed to have  a dish prepared for my son’s Kindergarten Potluck Breakfast.  I volunteered to bring in a fruit salad but I wanted to bring one that was appealing to the eye so that the kids in the class would be more likely to dig in.  To make the salad more interesting, I added one cool and rare fruit: Starfruit!

fruit salad kindergarten

Starstruck Fruit Salad


  • 3 Starfruit
  • 1 container red grapes
  • 1 container green grapes
  • 1 container organic strawberries – sliced
  • 1 mini watermelon
  • 1 honeydew melon
  • 1 organic lemon


  1. Chop all fruit except the starfruit and mix together.
  2. Slice the starfruit for a nice collection of stars to top the salad.  Arrange as you’d like for nice presentation.
  3.  Slice and squeeze fresh the lemon and drizzle the juice over the top to preserve the flavor and texture of the fruit.

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Eating Clean…for Labor?


There’s a common phrase being thrown around out there for eating fresh fruits and vegetables as well as lean proteins and whole grains.  It’s called CLEAN EATING.  I’ve used this term also and still use it.

Throughout my pregnancy (3rd), I’ve consistently followed a clean diet and have had a virtually symptomless pregnancy. Yesterday, at 36 weeks 2 days pregnant, I learned from my OB that I am already 3cm dilated and 50% effaced.  She basically said that I could deliver this baby either tomorrow, or two weeks from now.  Either way, I want to do what I can to prepare.

I was so surprised when she said that I was 3 cm when only two weeks prior, I was O cm and 0% effaced.  However, like some other pregnant women nearing the end of their pregnancies, I’ve begun to indulge a bit more and as a result, end up feeling achy, crampy, and lethargic.  This happened after my exam yesterday.20140828-084933-31773109.jpg

As soon as my husband and I left the dr., we went our usual route to Starbucks to pick up coffee beans and for me, a decaf iced drink.  Along with my iced drink, I picked up a slice of pumpkin loaf which has become a trend for me in the past 3 weeks.  No biggie.  But then, I got home, and as it was late, we decided to order out.  Pizza and salads.  Sure, I ordered a salad.  But i ate all the chicken off it and proceeded to eat two slices of greasy pizza while finishing my decaf iced coffee.  And you know what happened?  I immediately became congested, had a lovely case of diarrhea, and  went into a series of BH contractions ranging from 5 minutes apart to 11 minutes apart for the next 4 hours accompanied with a back ache and an overall feeling of bloat.  These are in fact symptoms of impending labor, but having done this twice before, I knew that this wasn’t labor.  Regardless, this continued through the evening leaving me with a very restless sleep that woke me every 3 hours.  Labor seemed imminent…that is, until I woke up and changed my tune.

I woke with a headache that would rival the worst hangover, a bloated face and fingers, and a very very sluggish demeanor.  This was at 4:00am.  So, I thought having a bowl of cereal would help.  One bowl of cereal turned into two, followed by a food coma.  Falling asleep again, I woke to the sound of two children screaming MAMA! at 7:30am with all the same symptoms that I had at 4:00am.  Regardless, I pulled myself out of bed, and went to the washroom to splash my face with water and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.  I looked just as bloated and congested as I felt.  But…my contractions were gone.  So, I had a window of time to try to alleviate my symptoms.

I ran to the kitchen, and while making breakfast for my kids, went to my go-to breakfast for warding off colds – Green juice and fresh fruit.  Within 10 minutes of eating a few bites and sipping some green juice, I began to feel better.  Not just ok, but actually better.  My Braxton Hicks contractions started again but were spaced far apart again, baby #3 started kicking happily, the feeling of bloat began to subside, and my energy returned.  As with any clean breakfast like this, a trip to the bathroom isn’t rare, but the feelings associated are not ones of nausea.  My sinuses cleared almost immediately and my pep in my step returned.

SO here are my thoughts.  Knowing that the body cleanses itself out before the onset of labor by means of releasing bodily fluids and waste, why not try eating cleaner in preparation for labor?  No woman enjoys being uncomfortable, cramped and achy in the final weeks of pregnancy and for some, this is just unavoidable.  But, in my case it seems that my well-being and over physical wellness is directly affected by the food that I feed it.  Having a symptomless pregnancy while clean eating may be a coincidence, but I’m beginning to believe differently.  I’m thinking that by continuing to eat clean through to the end may help prepare my body for labor by keeping my body full of vitamins and nutrients, clear of toxins and congestants, and lowering my blood pressure by keeping foods high in fat, salt, and sugar from causing undue stress on my digestive system.  I’m going to give it a try!