Today’s Happy #Mom Moment: Watching My Daughter Twirl

Today, my happy moment was while I was teaching my mommy and me dance class for 18-36 month old children.  My daughter attends all the classes that I teach, and today, she wore a brand new tutu which she actually loved.  When class was about to begin, she followed me to the stereo where she happily hugged my leg while I put in the CD for class.  When I turned around, she excitedly ran to her spot, plopped down and began doing butterflies and her “side to side” butterfly move, singing the song that goes along with it.  I loved this.


When stretches were finished, it was time to stand up and dance in circle time.  As part of this dance, there is marching, scooting and twirling involved.  My happy moment was turning around to find her twirling in her new tutu, the way every girl dreams of in a class just for baby ballerinas.

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10 Things My Kids Do That Make Me Happy

There are many things that my kids do that make me happy in addition to the things that make me grit my teeth, hold my breath, and close my eyes!



Here are 10 things that my kids do that make me happy to be a mother:


1. Every morning, my 5.5 year old son crawls in bed with me and snuggles up to me just like he did when he was a toddler

2. After waking up and after every dinner, my son says, “Mommy, it’s time for my morning/after dinner hug!”

3. While exercising, my 14 month old daughter will waddle over to me and nuzzle me with her head.  This is her way of asking me to cuddle with her.

4. One time, when playing monopoly, my son asked, “Mommy, can I tell you something?” I said, ‘yes’, to which he replied, “I think you’re so beautiful.   I love the sound of your voice. I like to sit and listen to it.” I melted.

5. My daughter will say, “baby?” and I say, “Go get your baby!” and the first thing she does when she picks it up is give it a hug and a kiss, just like I do when I pick her up and sing to the tune of This Little Light of Mine, “Who’s my baby girl? You’re my baby girl!”

6. My son will ask me to bake him a cake rather than buy him one at the store.

7. My son says ‘goodnight’ to my pregnant belly every night and kisses his new brother-to-be, nuzzling him with his nose.

8. Both of my children call me ‘mama’.  It’s the best sound in the world.

9. When I’m sad, or having an emotional pregnant moment, my son will scratch my back without me asking and just sit with me.

10. When my son needs comforting, he will still lift my shirt, and put his cheek on my bare belly, just like he did when he was a baby.


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Recommended Read for New Mothers: Real Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Planck


Recommended Read for New Mothers:Real Food for

Mother and Baby by Nina Planck


Real Food for Mother and Baby

By Nina Planck

What we put in our bodies on a daily basis really determines our mindsets, how we function, and how well we recover through rest.  Now imagine how much more rest a child needs as they are constantly growing!  I'm a firm believer that what you put in your body determines what comes out of it (not just literally) but through movement, mood and overall wellness.  This book will help aspiring mothers prepare their bodies for pregnancy, expecting mothers give their child a head start on a healthy diet, and growing children outside the womb all of the vitamins and minerals that they need in order to excel and grow to their fullest potential.

Highly recommended!!

Available now for Kindle and Paperback

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